Sweet Spot [sweet-spot] noun, N. Sweet Spot Content 1. high quality relationships at key moments within a process. 2. a Dynamic relationship that is exceptional 3. ideal combination of inputs, attributes or processes.

Director/ Cinematographer


As a world-renowned Director and Director of Photography, Miles truly is the man with the miracle eyes, as 64 top-line industry awards attest. A man of few words, he seems as though he is miles away, but Mr. Goodall is a thinker, or should we say a deep thinker. Over his many years in the industry he has worked all over the world directing films for great international brands globally.

Miles Goodall’s imagination and ideas inspire those he works with, whether he’s shooting ads or movies in Africa, Australia or the US, Miles has the ability to bring his vision to light. Known for drawing out the perfectly pitched performance, this combines with his naturally vivid storytelling ability to ensure a memorable collaboration on any project. Miles believes directing is a holistic package and is actively involved in each stage of the process. He is collaborative and passionate in his work, has a clear vision, and the ability to communicate this vision in a manner that inspires every member of the team.

The ease with which he moves through life is infectious and fun.

A true original.

“South Africa has the perfect director in Miles Goodall of Sweet Spot Content. His look is strong and inspiring. Once we started working with him this was even more evident. His gentle and genuine approach compliments his creativity. He has, in our opinion, ‘miracle’ eyes. What makes Sweet Spot Content different? How they makes us (the client) look different.”

Shinji Uchida. Executive Creative Director, Japan

“Your artistry and attitude hugely amplified ‘Amelia’ and for that I am so thankful and grateful”

Mira Nair. Director of Motion Picture “Amelia”

Kool South
Director / Cinematographer
Vehicle 19 Trailer
Director of Photography
Amelia Trailer
2nd unit Director/Cinematographer
Retribution Trailer
Director of Photography
A Fork, a Spoon & a Knight
Director of Photography
Directed by Miles
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