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“Of course, I know it’s wonderful,” Mind stated, “What say you, Heart?”

“Agreed,” confirmed Heart. “In my case, I can actually feel how wonderful it is!”

“And I can see that it is wonderful in every way!” said Third Eye, before the doubters had time to express their misgivings. But even the

combined might of the most powerful amongst them was not enough to convince everybody.

Proof was demanded.

So mind heart and third eye gathered


together and put all their energies into an awesome spectacle that left anybody who saw it in nodoubt whatsoever

that this was what wonderful is, was, and will always be.


“Are we in agreement, then?” asked the three.

“No doubt about it, you hit the sweet spot!” the Others agreed.

And that is the tale of how wonderful came to be known as the

sweet spot.




Miles Goodall


True originals are as rare as they are wonderful. And they always add that extra dimension to any project they take on, as 64 top-line industry awards attest.

Whether it’s shooting adverts in Africa, music videos in Australia, or even feature movies in America, Miles singular ability to pull a team together to follow his vision is an inspiration for everyone who has ever had the pleasure of working with him. Known for drawing out the perfectly pitched performance when needed and his naturally vivid storytelling ability, Miles Goodall’s imagination, patience and his gentle way is a guarantee of a memorable collaboration on any project.

Miles himself is a firm believer in the “what you put in is what you get out” philosophy and that reflects, not only in his commercial work, but in his funding and technical involvement in creating public service announcements for various causes; including the anti-Aids movement in his beloved Africa. But Miles' doesn't stop there, his passionate love and deep commitment to the industry he serves is again reflected in his mentoring of young film makers and up and coming creatives alike.

The ease with which Miles moves through life is infectious, fun and, of course, wonderful to behold.


Linda Notelovitz Goodall
Executive Producer / CEO



In an industry full of one-of-a-kinds, Linda is the living, breathing embodiment of what one-of-a-kind really means.

Wonderfully bold, ingenious, creative, passionate… we could go on all day listing the attributes that Linda possesses. But if we did, we’d run out of space to mention her love of gorgeous handbags and fabulous shoes, which would be a travesty, we think you'll agree, too great to bear!

This “Ideas Specialist” brings her famously inspirational approach to film making into the core of every project she has ever been involved in. And her ability to see solutions where others have only seen problems is at the very heart of Sweet Spot’s success.

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